Calibrated leak

Joint-Stock Company “Barohypoxia"

Calibrated leak gas with a manometer

  Our enterprise also has possibility to develop and manufacture the calibrated leaks.
   It can be calibrated leaks up to 109 m3*Pa/sec gas stream:
– the calibrated leak with a glass, nikel, fluorineplastic capillaries;
– with polyethylene, fluorineplastic penetrable elements;
– calibrated leaks with penetrable fillers;
– with / without manometer;
– with / without cover regulating valve;
– other regulating leaks;
– ampule-type calibrated leak;
– installations for calibrating leaks.
– and etc.
  In a alibrated leak gas with a manometer for maintenance of a stable stream of trial gas the glass capillary is used.
Application in a alibrated leak of a manometr allows:
– operatively by visual supervision on a manometer for pressure of gas in the leak case, to define a stream of control gas wherewith to the graph, comprised in the passport on a calibrated leak,
– dumping or filling a leak with control gas, to receive a demanded stream of control gas by calibrating drawing.

Technical characteristics of a calibrated leak gas with a manometer:

Trial gases helium, argon, azote and etc.
Range of control streams, m3*Pa/sec 103 …108 (up to 109)
Penetrable element type glass capillary
Relative deviation of a stream from average value, % +/-15
Temperature corrective, % on 1 o +/-1,0
Pressure of trial gas in the device case, MPa 1,5
Weight of the device, kg 1
    Calibrated leak is recommended for application at all enterprises, which are developing and producing devices for non-destructive testing, the precision mechanics, also for the instrument-making enterprises, electronic and other high technology industries.