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Experience of training for altitude, hypoxia training and medical applications

Equipment for medical hypobaric hypoxia and training for altitude in the practice of medical institutions is becoming more and more applications.
– Balashikha (Moscow reg.);
– Chelyabinsk;
– Orenburg;
– Ozersk (Chelyabinsk Region);
– Ufa, resorts;
– Kursk;
Effect in children with asthma, according to our data, up to 80-90%, the effect in adults with similar pathology of 70-80%. It is noted that the repeated course hypobarotherapy (especially in children), conducted a year later, gives a great effect if the first course did not give the expected result. The effect of improving the condition of patients neurodermatitis reaches 80%. Duration of remission after treatment in children is usually not less than a year, in adults of at least 8 months (depending on the initial state, hormone dependence, concomitant diseases, etc.). Patients with whooping cough are usually sufficient for the recovery of 6 – 8 sessions.
   Example of training for altitude of athletes handball team Flight showed that already after 2 weeks of hypoxia training in our pressure chamber another 10-kilometer cross athletes ran for 6-8 minutes faster and with a good emotional lift.
  We believe that the application of this method with an individual selection regime of hypoxia and hypobarium will expand the range of patients. For this, 2,6,9 – patients pressure chamber, which can be installed in ordinary wards of hospitals, health centers, dispensaries.
   Direction of selection commission of patients for treatment