The maintenance technique

Joint-Stock Company “Barohypoxia"


The technique of treatment by adaptation to dosed out periodic hypoxia various diseases is allowed the Ministry of Health of Russia for use in medical practice.
   The course of adaptation to dosed out hypoxia consists of 25 ? 30 sessions lasting dependence on diseases from 1 till 3,5 o’clock.
   Patients take places in the medical salon of a complex having comfortable armchairs. Medical salon is sealed The gradual pumping of salon begins, with the set speed pressure goes down to certain level. At the set pressure patients are certain time, then gradual increase pressure to the atmospheric is made.
After pressure equalising in the chamber with atmospheric patients leave salon. From a session to a session pressure in the chamber varies in steps. Such “steps" in course of treatment not less than 6. Last “step" corresponds to pressure upon a sea level of 3500 m.
   In 3, 6, 12 months supporting sessions for the purpose of fastening in an organism so-called ?a structural trace? – the organism answer on hypobaric influence are recommended.
  Barocomlex developed for the simultaneous treatment of 2, 6 and 9 patients. With a decrease in the number of patients reduced the size, weight and energy parameters of the installation, which simplifies the task of its location and connectivity, in addition, for small capacity systems simplifies the task of selecting groups of patients for whom one is appointed for all the optimal treatment regimen. However, the increase per unit (per patient) the cost of medical equipment and treatment costs per patient. The optimal solution can be found by examining the specific conditions, opportunities and needs of ordering the medical establishment.
The safety and locking devices ensure patient safety in contingency and emergency situations.
   For the computer-monitor tracking the state of the patients provided an opportunity to connect the appropriate special equipment.