The mechanism of the adaptation

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The mechanism of the hypoxic training adaptation in hypobaric chamber


In reply to hypoxia inside hypobaric chamber in an organism there is an activation of biosynthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, formation thus in bodies and systems of the whole complex of structural changes, a so-called system structural trace.
   Morphologically these changes are expressed, in particular in increase in capacity of a coronary channel in 1,5 2 times, in weight increase a respiratory surface of lungs, in increase in efficiency of the systems responsible for deducing from an organism of sodium and water.


During hypoxic training the important changes occur in system of neuro-endocrine regulation. In a cerebral cortex such limiting stresses-factors as dopamine , serotonin, and the maintenance several times increases in adrenal glands opioid peptides collect, hypophysis function is activated.
   In the hypobaric chamber liver detoxification systems are activated, increases the oxidation of cholesterol and its excretion from the body.
   In immune system parity and B-lymphocytes towards pre-possession of the last and accordingly restriction of the immune reactions, is mediated the T-lymphocytes, with expressiveness increase of the humoral immune answer changes, the quantity of the CEC decreases.
   Increases antioxidant stability of fabrics, their ability to “clearing" of is free-radical oxidation of fats. It is the basis for application hypoxic training and dosed out hypoxia in preventive maintenance (the personnel of nuclear stations) and treatment radiation defeats of the person.